Modeling a pillow for interior design with Blender

Last week I was trying to demonstrate a way to create a simple pillow in Blender, using a mix of poly modeling and the sculpt tools. The objective was to use the pillow to apply a ramp material, and make a velvet material. Objects with highly fabric surfaces like a pillow, demands that the artist find a way to reproduce the irregular surface. If you want full control over the surface, I recommend the sculpt tools to create the pillow. But, with the use of physics in Blender we can create a pillow in a much faster way.

I just found a great tutorial about how to create a pillow using the cloth modifier in Blender, which can create the object in just a few seconds! The tutorial was created by a user called Rémi:

How to create a pillow in few seconds (Blender 2.49) from Rémi on Vimeo.

It is incredible simple and with the same process we can create objects like sofa cushions and other soft surface objects. This is a great way to create assets for interior design projects, and is much faster than the way of create a pillow! But, I still like the control of the sculpt tools.

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  • Rémi

    Wooww 🙂

    I follow your blog day by day and what a surprise when I saw an article pointing to my video !! Great honor !

    I just found this technique by mistake trying to make a bed blanket with a box and not just a plane… the box just inflated instantaneously!

    King regards

  • Allan Brito

    Hi Rémi,

    A clever trick like this must be mentioned! 🙂


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