YafaRay 3.3 released

A few years ago most of the architectural visualization artists using Blender had to pick an external render. We didn’t have Cycles or anything close to that. The best choice was to use YafRay, which later changed the name to YafaRay. Ever since Cycles appeared, people immediately began to “abandon” external renderers. Today it is […]

YafaRay 3.0.2 beta

After an extended period without any news related to YafaRay, we finally had some important updates to share. A new beta version of YafaRay 3.0.2 is available to download, and you can try that with Blender right now. Since a lot of Blender artists might have started with the software after the birth of Cycles, […]

Hotel room rendered with YafaRay

There was a time in the not so long past that architectural visualization artists had to use external renders in Blender a lot. Ever since Blender Cycles people started to drop those external renders and point their focus only to Cycles. I notice that from the amount of projects rendered with those external renders like […]

Rendering a scene with HDRI in Blender and YafaRay

It been a while since anything related to YafaRay here on Blender 3D Architect, and most of that is because I couldn't find interesting works related to architecture and rendered with YafaRay. One of the possible reasons for that is called Blender Cycles. With a powerful renderer like Cycles already available in Blender, a lot […]

Gothic vault: Architectural visualization with Blender and YafaRay

The gothic architecture is not a very common subject for architectural visualization these days, unless you work with some kind of restoration. But, if you want to take a look on an example of visualization inspired by gothic architecture made with Blender, just take a few minutes to check out this project created by Mateusz […]

How to setup a wood floor texture in Blender for architecture

The textures of a scene play a big role on any architectural visualization project to add both context and realism. But, is there a right way to setup textures? Some people uses a mix of handcrafted UV Maps and polygons to improve details, others go only with UV Maps. I think that for most cases […]

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