What is Blender 3D Architect?

Blender 3D Architect is the place to find news, tutorials, resources, and training related to architectural visualization using Blender. We have a passion for architecture and technology and all the possibilities that Blender can offer to new and experienced artists. Here you will find on a regular basis, resources, and artwork from artists from all around the world.

Are you looking to improve your skills in architectural visualization and building a knowledge base of assets like furniture, textures, and training? You are at the right place.

Who am I?

My name is Allan Brito, and I'm an architect living in Brazil. Today my primary line of work goes from architectural visualization and e-learning. At the start of my career, I took an opportunity to get into the classroom and enjoyed that at the point to embrace it as an entirely new line of work.

The shift to e-learning occurred naturally after taking over all e-learning operations at the college where I was teaching a few years ago. A strong background in technology and also being an active teacher led me to develop numerous projects related to e-learning.

Today I work as a consultant in architectural visualization projects.

Do you have a question or request?

If there is something that I enjoy doing is talking about Blender, architecture, and e-learning. Feel free to send me a message or question in the contact form. Are you looking for someone to take part in an event or have a particular request for training, lecture or want to invite me to a conference? Send me a message!

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