Rendering a scene with HDRI in Blender and YafaRay

It been a while since anything related to YafaRay here on Blender 3D Architect, and most of that is because I couldn't find interesting works related to architecture and rendered with YafaRay. One of the possible reasons for that is called Blender Cycles. With a powerful renderer like Cycles already available in Blender, a lot of users are leaving other external renderers and focusing only on Cycles.

Today I found a new project rendered with YafaRay and modeled in Blender, posted at the YafaRay user forums. An artist called rodrigo366 shared some renders of a simple, but well made, scene with classic furniture. What makes this scene interesting for other artists willing to learn some of the YafaRay rendering process are the render settings shared by the artist. You will find how he did use Photon Mapping in YafaRay to get that lighting effect on the final image.

Rendering with YafaRay and Blender

I hope to see more projects rendered with YafaRay in the future, but sadly it may become harder to find new renders or users choosing the software to get their visualization jobs done.

Do you still use YafaRay?

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