Free animated doors for interactive architecture

Besides creating some realistic images from 3d models, a new type of visualization is emerging as the future of architectural visualization. A few years ago interactive visualization of architecture was only created by studios or artists looking to prove their technical skills, or fulfill the request of a particular client. Even the consumer level technology […]

Interactive visualization

Interactive visualization with Blender and V-Ray

Is it possible to work on Blender to create interactive visualization for architecture? of course it is possible! And if you are an old reader of the blog, then probably you already saw some great examples of interactive visualization made with the Blender Game Engine. An artist called Martin Hedin is trying to push the […]

blender realtime architectural visualization

Interactive architectural visualization made with Blender

From all features that Blender offers to architectural visualization artists, one of the most interesting is the ability to create interactive visualization without the need of any external tools. The Blender Game Engine was not designed specific for architectural visualization, but has been used by lots of artists to create interactive walkthroughs for many projects. […]