Tips and tricks about YafaRay and Blender 2.5

For those of you looking to get started with YafaRay and Blender, I just found a nice set of two tutorials from an artist called Vinicius Cabral, which goes through a lot of basic concepts about both YafaRay and Blender. In both videos he gets an build from that already has YafaRay integrated to Blender and starts to create a few scenes, and explains a lot of the parameters and options available at the YafaRay exporter.

In the second video, we will find some great tips about YafaRay materials. The videos are not aimed to architectural visualization, but they are quite interesting for anyone looking to get better renderings with YafaRay and Blender.

Take a look on the original article in Vinicius Cabral blog, to check out the results of the materials used in the second video.

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  • rudl

    well the author of these tutorials is probably not that experienced with yafaray.
    reading this is probably a better idea.

  • Reynante Martinez

    Thanks for the share, Allan. I’ve been wanting to try again Yafaray since the last time I used it was way back where it didn’t have the extra ‘a’ in it. 😉


  • condar

    I usually like to read about this kind of tutorials because people needs to be informed about what’s going on with Blender and all external render engines like yafaray and Luxrender. but in this case the videos are probably the worst uninformed tutorials about Global Illumination ever; seriously the tutorial is wrong in about 70% of the content and the other 30% is really confuse… sorry :)…
    I guess that’s the result of Blender Internal syndrome… because some people still promote the terrible idea that Global Illumination is overrated (like Andrew Price does on his videos). This tell us that’s really important to educate blender users in GI techniques.

    Thx Allan, I really enjoy reading your website… 😉

  • Yannis Bluelife

    This is a rather old post but really, I like your blog, it’s rather professional. It’s on my rss list… Now what’s this? Please keep up the level…

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