Rendering a bedroom with Blender Cycles

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

Shortly we will have a great addition for architectural visualization artists using Blender, which is the new Blender render engine called Cycles. I’m studying Cycles a lot, because I want to start working on as many projects as I can use it, and because I’m building an online course about Cycles. So far the course is for Brazilian Portuguese speakers only, but I do have plans to start some online courses related to architecture. And one of the first courses would be about Cycles for architecture.

In the meantime, you can check out a beautiful example of what we can do with Cycles for design in this project available to download at BlendSwap. It is a full scene rendered with Cycles showing a bedroom. The file has all the geometry, but no textures. Even without the textures, we can learn a lot about how to light up a scene using Cycles for interior visualization.



Architectural glass shader


  • Marco

    my personal Cycles test renders,

  • Alain

    Very nice and thank you for that input !

    Cylces does support instancing, is that right ?
    Does Cylces support Alphamaps ?

    How long did it take to render and what was the renderresolution ?

    Kind regards

  • florian

    hi, i started using blender for 3d moddeling in architecture. is cycles the internal render in blender 2.5 to understand? and if so… can u maybe give some links on how to use cycles? as in some tutorials…

  • matthew/mofx

    Great scene, amazing work. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Luca

    Hi Allan
    I would like to know when your course about Cycles will be ready even for English speaker!

  • Nunuddo

    @Florian: Cycles will be included officially in 2.61 (around december, two months from now)… But you can find versions of blender that already include an unfiniched version of Cycles at :

    It’s safe to play with, but it is not production-ready yet…

    Here’s a link to a good introduction tutorial for Cycles: “″…

    Now I have a question of my own guys… I can’t get Blender to import DXF files!

    I know this is not a forum, but I need a little help here!

    Here’s a link to a thread I posted on Blender Artists: “”

    Tried what these guys recommended, but the file saved from 2.49 gives me a totally empty file on 2.60…

    Any ideas?!

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