Color study with Blender Cycles

The artwork section here in Blender 3D Architect tries to showcase some of the most exciting projects using open source for architecture. I try to find projects with unique features or learning opportunities for site readers. In many cases, I can skip a design because it doesn’t offer anything other than eye candy. However, it is sometimes worth spending a few minutes checking an outstanding design or study.

That was the case with a project from an artist called SBTLINK with a title name of “The Broad House” rendered with Cycles.

In a quick comment from the author, we can see the purpose of this project as experimenting with color variations for the design. That is a great way to use Cycles and 3D rendering for architecture.

We often forget the benefits of using such media as a marketing tool for architects. There are three aspects of this type of study that I can highlight:

  • Experimentation
  • Communication
  • Faster decision-making

With a realistic render displaying multiple color options of an interior, we can easily communicate a design and get a decision from the client faster. Using a real-time render will be even better, and you can get immediate feedback.

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