Blender with CAD like features using Add-ons

One of the biggest requests I heard from architectural visualization on Blender is that would love to get more precision modeling tools. We can already work really well on most situations in Blender, but there is always room to improvements. If you search carefully specially for Add-ons you will find some really nice Add-ons that will give Blender CAD like features. Just take a quick look on a set of Add-ons created by an artist/developer called zmj100 that can add features like Fillet and Inset Outset (Offset copy?).

You can check out this thread at the Blenderartists forums to take all updates on the development of all Add-ons. By visiting this thread you will find these Add-ons:

  • Vertex Align
  • Object Align
  • Arbitrary Align
  • Fillet
  • Fillet Multiple
  • Inset edge chain loop
  • Arc Tool

How can I download all those Add-ons? Another artist called tungee just put together almost all Add-ons for download, which you can find in this link. Below there is an example of how to use the Fillet Add-on.

And one of my favorites, the Inset Outline. Doesn`t it looks like an Offset from CAD tools?

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  • Imperfectlink

    Rockin! Thanks for keeping us on top of things Allan.

  • XU3E

    I can’t download plugin – link is broken. Next time you should put direct link or upload to page. I really don’t like searching on spamed forum for latest and after all not working links. And of course – without support by creator.

    Anyway, thanks for idea, i was looking for something like this.

  • Henning Flessner

    The link is broken.

  • Mats H

    Blender is slowly and indirectly developing a CAD mode. Nice!

    PS I failed to +1 this article. Maybe there is a problem lurking around here?

  • Adam

    It is like the inset tool in 3ds Max. I have been waiting for it for years. Unfortunately, it is not available on the forum anymore 🙁

  • Allan Brito

    I will try to put the files together and upload them since the link is broken.

  • XU3E

    Thanks, It will be fantastic!

  • Allan Brito

    Here is the link:

    Again, I`m not the developer of the Add-ons and I`m just posting the same file I had download from

  • Navarrobello

    Allan Brito rules!!!

  • reidh

    Thank you for your site. I want to see blender become a little more architect friendly, it is almost there now. Those scripts are good. the tool that saves the whole day for me is the one that allows me to draw with extruded vertices by ctrl-LMB. that is cool, and then being able to convert between mesh and curve, those go together. But my renders and UV mapping etc. still looks ugh. I am ashamed. I have been dreaming all my life for a true 3D program that has the AEC-like input capability of the 2-1/2D otto-disk and the rendering capability to boot. BLENDER 3D looks like it. Thank you God.

  • Pomsár András

    Hi Allan! There aren’ new posts since october, what happened?

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