Modeling a spiral stair for architecture with Blender

In my classes about architectural modeling, one of the exercises that challenge most of the students is the creation of a spiral stair. No matter what software you use to create the 3d model, it takes some practice to figure out how to create this type of stairs. In Blender, we can use a mix of tools to create a spiral stair. In the tutorial below you will get to know how to create a spiral stair using an Array modifier and even create some railings for this model.

If you are still learning how to use Blender for architectural modeling, you should definitely watch this tutorial. The author of the tutorial is called weeliano.

Blender 3D Architect Pro


  • Yaroslav Lebidko

    Nice tut, but why author tell nothing about sizes, dimensions?
    This is uncorrect way of modeling!
    Especially, when we talk about architecture…

  • zezic

    Not so nice.
    1. Stair may be scaled proportionally if you will scale both array and Empty object.
    2. Way to create railing… ohh. May be will better to use bezier cotour with Screw modifier? Mmmm?

  • jerry

    Relax guys, it’s a fine tutorial, I think the intent here is to show a method. Feel free to add more accuracy, nicer railings, etc on your own models 🙂

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