Modern interior visualization in Blender

When an artist chooses to share their work about Blender and architecture, mots of the time we have access to information about the hardware, software, samples and everything else. Some go beyond that and place full light setup and screens. What about the opposite? Do we get projects with no information whatsoever? Sure!

Take a look at this project, called Modern interior, posted by an artist called matelek at the Blenderartists forums, almost a month ago. It is an incredible project, maybe one of the best renders for architecture in Blender in past months. But, unfortunately, I couldn't find any information about the project.

modern interior

I did tried to get in touch with the author by sending him private messages in the forum but didn't get a reply. So, I don't have any information whatsoever about hardware, samples and even a confirmation about the renderer. Best guess? I share the opinion of other artists in the forum; I place my bet on Octane Render. But, who knows?

If you took a closer look at the date when this project appeared on the forum, almost a month ago, no information is available, and I'm not alone on the search. A lot of artists also gives a positive review of the modern interior (project) and also ask the author for details.

Nonetheless, despite the shortage of information, this project is again another impressive example of architecture made with Blender. Follow the link to the forum to gaze on all images from this project. And if I get any information from the author, I will share the details of this modern interior visualization with Blender 3D Architect readers.

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