Best of 2018 in architectural visualization: Round one

For most people, the year's end is a time for celebration and reflection for everything you experienced along the past twelve months. In architectural visualization, we usually get a weak demand for projects, and it gives us time to reorganize and recharge our batteries for the upcoming year.

Here in Blender 3D Architect, we are doing precisely that! As a way to revisit some of the articles we posted during 2018, we will publish a series of lists with the best resources, artwork, and references for Blender from 2018.

That is a way to get ready for everything we are planning for 2018.

To get started we have a selection with the best artwork created with Blender for architecture in the first months of 2018:

The projects are all from different artists using Cycles or Octane Render. Some of them share interesting information like settings used for lights.

If you just recently started following Blender 3D Architect, that is an excellent opportunity to revisit some of the best articles from 2018.

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