Render farm for YafaRay with 20% discount

When the goal of a project is to produce an animation for architecture, we may need to use a render farm to speed up the render and be able to deliver the files without blow the deadline. If you don't have a render farm in your office or school, a good option will be to rely on a company that provides this type of service. I have mentioned some of those companies in the past like the guys from Green Button that works great for projects using LuxRender. Last week I was contacted by another of those companies called Core Farm, which is aimed for users of YafaRay.


And to promote the use of Core Farm for the readers of Blender 3D Architect, if you register and give the code BLENDER3DARCHIECT you will get a 20% discount on Core Farm. The code is good to be used for a full month. This might be the opportunity to render that animation for architecture, using Blender and YafaRay.

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  • Alain

    Sorry I have to mention that, but’s Blender plugin is still a bit bugy on big scenes (at least on my scene).
    You better test your scene to make sure that can handle it without problem’s before you end up in not finishing on time.

    Kind regards

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