How to setup an interior scene using Blender Internal render for architecture

The use of Blender Cycles or any other renderer with Blender capable to create good lighting without the need to setup several light sources or intense tweaking with materials, is driving artists away from the Blender Internal render. I see this clearly with my students during class, where almost no one wants to learn to setup an interior scene without Cycles, LuxRender, Indigo, Octane or YafaRay.

But, I still think that you can use “old school” techniques to produce a light setup that is at the same time good and renders really fast on average hardware.
Do you want to see an example of how to setup an interior scene using only the Blender Internal renderer? So, check out this two-part tutorial posted by an artist showing how to setup an interior scene. It takes some time to master the technique, but the results are incredible and demands little time to render.

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  • Umberto

    Hi, very very nice. I work with Blender Render internal also, and the results are good enough. When in the second part?

    Many thanks.

  • oana

    I’m one that won’t let go of BI easily… I’m still using it exclusively for exterior scenes presentations and love it. Nice to see there is still interest for BI out there, and for interiors too. But I just started on my first interior job on Cycles now. Works so nice, results are so good.. besides, seems true BI is not under developement anymore, and with every new Blender release we might see BI left behind or even buggy. So.. cycles from now on… sigh

    Best wishes,

  • claas

    I feel your, but I must say for my area BI was a disaster to use for students.

    Three key lighting and other traditional photo studio techniques can also be taught with Cycles and the results speak for itself.

    The main advantage of Cycles is while a renderer can use longer the time you need to make it look good is drastically shorter.

    I think many concepts from BI can really be applied to Cycles. Instead of area lights you simply use mesh lights etc.

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