Architectural animation with Eevee

When you start a visualization project that has a clear objective of making an still image you will face a few minutes or hours of render time. Depending on the complexity and power of your hardware that could drop a little, but the wait is inevitable.

For the cases where the objective is to create an animation that, even with a few seconds of camera movement, that processing time could rise to days. By using a standard framerate of 24 frames per second for animation, it is easy to figure out how time-consuming an animation can become.

If you take 1 hour to render each image, rendering 24 of them would make one full day (24 hours) on average. Just for 1 second of animation.

Wouldnt it be great to reduce that render time processing to just a few seconds? That is what you get when you choose a real-time render engine like Eevee!

Do you want to see an example? Here is an architectural animation project from a 3d artist called giridc, which posted the results at the BlenderArtists user forums.

Architectural animation with Eevee

The render times for each frame are quite impressive! According to the artist only 3 seconds. That is an advantage of the real-time render engine hard to beat. Even using a mobile GPU to render the scene.

From the project description, you will see that a GTX 950M was the primary GPU.

If you take a close look at some of the details for that scene, you will notice that a Cycles render still better for details like shadows, but you cant ignore the benefits of using real-time render engines.

For more examples of rendering projects with Eevee for architecture, you can visit some other articles we published about Eevee for architecture. They offer not only artwork examples, but also tutorials and even downloadable scenes:

Blender 3D Architect Pro


  • claas

    very nice video – each time I try eeVee I encounter some pretty terrible artifacts

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