Eevee for interior visualization: Free Toilet scene

We are always looking for articles or projects that could work as a source of either information or inspiration. Sometimes we get projects that share a full light setup or a new trick for Cycles.

Today we have a learning resource that doesn't often appear in Blender 3D Architect because it is relatively new. An architectural visualization scene in Eevee.

An artist called Chanya Thaninsurayut, from Thailand, posted at a Blender user group in Facebook a Toilet scene made in Eevee. The scene shows an interior scene with lots of the real-time features of Eevee.

Eevee interior visualization

That is not Cycles, but a real-time render with the brand new render engine from Blender 2.8.

Despite being a great example of Eevee for interior visualization, the artist went even further. How? He shared the full scene for download. Yes, you can download the scene to study and see how the artist manages to get those results.

To download the file, you have two options:

How to open the Toilet scene in Eevee? First of all, you have to download an experimental build of Blender 2.8. Visit this link to get a build for your system. Second, notice the name “experimental build.” That means you should not use that version for anything other than testing.

At the moment Blender 2.8 is under massive development and is far from stable. You can use it to play around with features like Eevee. But, once you start to use the features and perform routine tasks, there is a high chance for it to crash.

However, using the test build is a great way to experiment the new features and get yourself used to Eevee.

For those of you that want to get ready for Blender 2.8 new features, we already made an article about the new collections system comparing it with layers.

Thanks to our reader Leonardo Vallone for the tip!

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