External render with YafaRay for architecture: Pool deck

To render a scene modeled in Blender using advanced algorithms in the past like Path Tracing, would demand the installation of an external render engine. Today we have Cycles integrated as one of the render engines available by default with every version of Blender. But, it doesn`t mean that we should place all external render engines aside. And one of the options for architectural visualization artists is YafaRay! To show you a great example of a render made with YafaRay, take a look on this pool deck:


The image was rendered with YafaRay, and it looks really great, specially the light. This image was created by an artist called Felipe Carisio and posted at the YafaRay user forums. If you want to learn how YafaRay works, the artist was kind enough to post his settings about this scene at thread.

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  • Ludovic_L

    Thanks for the post. Truely the image is really great, the mood and the lighting is really natural.

    Yafaray was my personal favorite when I was using blender 2.49. But I had to move forward so when I started to use 2.5x and onward I used mostly cycle as soon as it was available. I still have a lot to learn with cycles.

    I don’t think that Yafaray uses GPU yet, but I think I’ll give it a try.

    Oh thanks for your articles, continue the great job.

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