Python for architects

What are the skills required to start working with 3d suites like Blender? You may point out some knowledge on modeling, lighting or even animation. But, how about scripting? Did you ever tried to start learning how to create scripts with Blender? If you think that scripting is only for developers with high knowledge on classes, object oriented programing and algorithms, I`m glad to say that you are wrong!

Why? Because there are some really easy ways to start scripting using friendly languages like Python. And for those of you willing to try Python, an architect called Yorik just posted on his blog a really nice article called Python for architects. It is only the first part of a series of articles, but the article already points out some of the advantages to use Python for scripting, and how easy it is to put together your first script.


Besides the obvious, that Blender uses Python a lot; architects will be able to use Python pretty much everywhere, from CAD tools like FreeCAD to 3ds Max, Softimage, Maya and a lot more 3d softwares.

Go there and try to write down your first “hello world!” script.

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