How to setup a glass material in LuxRender

The setup of transparent materials can always become complicated, especially when we have to work with advanced settings to create caustics and other optical effects. In architectural visualization it is not different, making the setup of glass something like a challenge depending on the type of the scene. If you want to take a look on how to setup a glass material in LuxRender, I recommend you to take a look on the tutorial below. The artist will show how to create a glass of water and setup all materials of the scene.

The scale of the scene is really small compared to what we have to work on for architectural visualization, but the tutorial can really help anyone interested to learn LuxRender. As a bonus, at the end of the video the author will show a brief overview of the new SPPM LuxRender new render method. It is the old photon mapping but with an unbiased approach.

LuxRender/Blender 2.5 Water Glass Tutorial from Jason Clarke on Vimeo.

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