External rendering with Blender 2.50

One of my concerns about making using Blender 2.50 in my architectural visualization workflow is the lack of support for external renders like LuxRender, YafaRay, Indigo and others. I use those render engines a lot to create scenes and realistic images for my clients and classes. How about the development of those exporter scripts? How is it going? In this article I will list the status of the development of scripts for LuxRender and YafaRay, and how you can keep track of their update, besides here on Blender 3D Architect, of course!


The first one will be YafaRay that has an ongoing project as part of the Google Summer of Code 2010. The developer for this project is called Shuvro Sarker, and so far we don`t have much to say about the progress of the project. There is a page at the YafaRay user forums to keep track of the development updates for this project.

Now, the LuxRender exporter has already a few screenshots and some updates about the development. At the goal of this project is to have a stable release of the exporter by the end of 2010.

As soon as I get any news or a working beta of any of those exporters, I will post about it here.

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  • Scott

    Thanks for the updates! I’m also pretty excited to work those into my workflow!

  • Pedro Varela

    I am with you! I depend on blender 2.5 and, for now, there is no possibilities of GI using this version.
    Waiting is becoming a wait of years, but I’ll keep on waiting…

  • Riko

    I can’t wait to use Luxrender and blender 2.5!

  • condar

    you can follow the development for yafaray and blender 2.5 integration in this link..

    the problem for any external render engine in Blender is Blender 2.5 is, and always be, beta release and so it is unstable changing and adding features everyday… the stable release will be 2.6 and only available in October from this year

  • Allan Brito

    Thanks condar.

  • Reaction

    Let’s just hope they all provide a VERY easy automatic and intelligent conversion of Blender’s materials and lights to their own systems, so you get virtually the same appearance(but better!) without having to spend hours manually recreating new equivalent materials.

  • Arnaud Meuret

    Hey Allan !

    I think it is the first time I see you finally call it by its real name Blender and not Blender 3D !


    Amazing the amount of good things Blender 2.5 brings us !

    Keep the good work coming.

  • Allan Brito

    Thanks Arnaud! I`m learning fast. 😉

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