YafaRay Annual Contest 2010: Abandoned Classics

In most architectural visualization projects we have a single objective, which is to show a project will look like by the time it is actually build. For computer graphics is quite easy to show and represent perfect surfaces and brand new objects. If you have to work on objects and places that doesn`t look new, then you will have a lot of work ahead. Add the human touch to any computer generated scene is not an easy task, and demand a lot of time on texturing and detailing.

If you want to put your imagination to work on a challenge that deals with this aspect of architectural visualization, then you might want to take a look on the YafaRay Annual Contest 2010.

The topic of the contest for this year will be “Abandoned Classics”. Don`t get the wrong idea from the image that illustrate this article. In the rules posted at the YafaRay forums, it is allowed to work on places and objects. By “places” we can understand buildings and urban landscapes. So, if you want to try it out, visit the Contest rules page and start working on your project. There you will find some good references for abandoned places and ruins.

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