LuxRender using GPU with SmallLuxGPU for Architecture

In a few months the use of GPU power to render scenes will be just like a global illumination render is today. Almost all tools specialized on rendering offers some kind of GI method to improve rendering. I still remember that a few years ago it was quite expansive to get GI renders. By the end of the 90’s only a bunch of tools had that. A couple years on the future we may have the same happening with GPU render.

Today I will talk about SmallLuxGPU, which is an experiment to implement GPU Render in LuxRender.

The first time I mentioned the use of LuxRender to render scenes with GPU Power, SmallLuxGPU was still an experiment from David Bucciarelli. In the past few weeks the tool was upgraded and it is now in version 1.50, showing some amazing render speeds and managing complex scenes. The video below is a demo of SmallLuxGPU rendering a few scenes, including some of the scenes used to show Arion Render and even iRay from mental images.

SmallLuxGPU v1.5 (OpenCL) from David Bucciarelli on Vimeo.

Visit this link to know more about SmallLuxGPU. By the time we see LuxRays, we may have a dramatically decrease on Render times for projects using LuxRender. For me, I think it’s time to upgrade my GPU. I only have 112 cores to render! It’s not enough.

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