How to create NPR images with Blender and Freestyle

The creation of photo real images for architecture is not the only way to present a project, and sometimes we must create the so-called NPR images. Those images are exactly the opposite to the realistic images created with advanced render engines. One of the best options to create NPR renderings in Blender is with the use of Freestyle render engine. This is a render engine specialized on creating such images. I`ve already showed some examples in the past about how to render images using Freestyle and Blender here at Blender 3D Architect, but since a lot of things changed ever since, an update is necessary.

And for that, I found a really nice introductory tutorial produced by Peter Draculic, showing how to render NPR images with Blender and Freestyle. The tutorial has more than 30 minutes and could be valuable to anyone willing to create such images in Blender.

You can download special builds of Blender with Freestyle integrated from

Blender 3D Architect Pro


  • filipc

    I quickly watched the tutorial.
    Would that be the way to obtain the National Geographics look ?

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