Overview of the new precision modeling tools in Blender – GSoC

One of the projects for this year Google Summer of Code was related to add or improve precision tools for modeling in Blender. And since precision tools are really important for architectural modeling, we should keep an eye on the progress of this project. It`s been a while since the Google Summer of Code 2012 started and by now, we can find some of the improvements at the swiss cheese fried chicken Sushi branch. Yes, sushi. Hummmm, sushi! The student working on this project is called Luke Frisken, and here is a link to his page at the Blender wiki with reports related to this project.

From this project we got new options for snapping in Blender, which are:

  • Edge middle
  • Edge parallel
  • Planar snap

If you want to check out how those new snapping tools work, I just found a nice video produced by Luke Frisken himself, showing how to use them.

To try them out, just go to graphicall.org and search for builds of the sushi branch. Let me just finish the article congratulating Luke Frisken for his efforts to bring new precision tools for Blender.

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  • Fabio

    looks terribly useful !

  • Rexford

    Yeah. Nice post. I love the new precision features. Thanks for sharing!

  • norvman

    this works great! thanks for the effort…

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