Modeling a building from a floor plan: New Lesson

One of our first pieces of training received today a brand new lesson, which is about how to create a building from a floor plan. Using a technical drawing from AutoCAD in the DWG format, we go step-by-step on what to do to convert and import that drawing to Blender.

When you have the drawing in Blender, the modeling process will become incredibly easy and fast. Just turn on the snapping tools and use the floor plan lines as guides. In the videos, we show all necessary options to use the snap.

At the lesson download section, you can get all the files used to create the lesson, including the finished building for your reference. And the floor plan if you want to follow the videos to create your building model.

If you are among the hundreds of students of the course about architectural modeling with Blender, that is a free update. Just log in to your account and start watching the new lesson.

In case you want to join the course, you can do that using this link. Another great option related to architectural modeling is our course about parametric modeling with Blender. You will learn how to use custom properties, drivers, and other tools to create parametric controls.

The first video of this new lesson doesn’t require you to enroll in the course to watch. You can check the content and final results to see what you will learn. Here is the link to the video.

As part of our new policy and based on the feedback from our students, we are ensuring all new content is 100% video with a voiceover.

We are preparing further updates to all other courses in Blender 3D Architect and also some new material, which we think will be a great help to anyone using Blender for architectural visualization.

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