Explaining Linear Workflow

One of the new features of Blender 2.5 is Color Management and the ability to work with Linear Workflow. But, do you know what exactly linear worklow is? A few days ago I found a great file with a beginners guide about linear workflow, explaining the importance of the technique for 3d artists. The presentation can be downloaded in PDF from here and also in video. At the end of the slides we can even take a look on how the technique applied to an architectural visualization scene, can increase the realism of the render.


You can learn more about Blender 2.5 and the Color Correction here.

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  • Benjamin Bailey

    Downloading files now! Thanks! Looks very cool.

  • Benjamin Bailey

    Alright, watched the video. That’s an extremely useful workflow! Thanks so much!

  • Randolph M. Fritz

    A useful introduction. But it manages to leave out an important piece of background information: “gamma” resulted from the physics of CRT displays. Now that these are largely out of use, however, all the software that was used to correct for that physics is still around (especially the sRGB color space), and now we have to correct for the software!

    (But then, LCD and LED displays have their own problems…)

    Intro cite, Wikipedia:

    The electron-gun current–voltage curve in a cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor system is a nonlinear luminance decoder. For a linear luminance input, most of the luminance output values appear at the darker end of the spectrum, because of the triode characteristic of the electron gun. Gamma encoding helps to cancel this nonlinear decoding so that the output picture has the proper (linear) luminance values. ***

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