Urban visualization modeled with Blender and rendered with Cycles

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

When the subject of an architectural visualization project is an urban space most artists immediately starts to think about the size of the scene, and how much hardware will be necessary to render the project. If you never worked on urban visualization projects before, it is important to notice that these kinds of scenes usually have the unpleasant characteristic of being huge! But, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for an artist called Drabson, which posted at the Blenderartists forums, several images for an urban visualization project modeled with Blender and rendered with Cycles.

According to the author of the project, most images where rendered using a GeForce GTX 460. Render time? Between 2 and 3 hours. Go visit the thread on the forum and you will find lots of other quality renders for this project.



Architectural glass shader


  • Warcos

    amazing …. I imagine that for a result like this, had plenty of time and dedication

  • Carl

    very awesome!!

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