Blender 2.67 released

A brand new stable release of Blender is available to download, and you can get Blender 2.67 here. This new release of Blender is really important for architectural visualization artists using Blender, just like version 2.61 that introduced Cycles. With Blender 2.67 we now have Freestyle integrated as another option for rendering. What does that mean? This means that architectural visualization artists will be able to easily create NPR images quickly, straight from the Blender UI.

In the next few weeks I will post more articles about rendering images with Freestyle and Blender for architecture, and in the meantime take a look on the release log of Blender 2.67 for a full list of updates. You will notice that Freestyle is just one, among several new features!


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  • Alain

    Thanks for that info Alan.

    If you do articles about Freestyle can you please try to find out how to save Freestyle renders in svg-format for Incskape ? This would be very useful in archviz as well.

    I asked in the Freestyle-Thread on but I didn’t get it to work.
    See here:

    Kind regards

  • T.E. Mencer

    Great release. I love playing with Freestyle. I’ve managed to crash the system a few times trying to render hair particles … apparently that’s not a good idea in Freestyle. Who’d a thunk it. 🙂

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