E-Cycles AI Denoiser for interiors

When you start using Blender Cycles to render projects for architecture, you soon notice how the sample settings can make a massive difference in render times and the quality of your images. A feature that was, for many people, a game-changer for rendering was the denoiser. A clever software trick can apply a filter to your image and make it look “cleaner” with fewer samples.

After a while, we got an evolution in the denoiser for Blender with the help of artificial intelligence with hardware acceleration like the OptiX option for RTX cards.

One of the latest updates of E-Cycles introduced another evolution of the denoiser for Cycles. It can create impressive images with the same number of samples and shorter render times. An artist who uses E-Cycles as their primary engine posted a great comparison of that feature on her Twitter account.

In the Twitter profile of Petra Trebjesanin, you can check that an example for interior visualization.

The artist makes a direct comparison with the Open Image Denoiser of Blender 2.93. You can check some of the work from the artist in this project profile.

Remember that you can grab E-Cycles with an incredible 77% discount with code 777 until June 17th (2021).

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