Modeling and rendering an interior scene with Blender Cycles

For those of you that didn`t had anything planned for the weekend, I just found out a really incredible tutorial that will keep you busy for at least one hour! The guys from Blenderpedia posted a tutorial a few days ago showing how to model and render an interior using Blender Cycles. Even if you don`t have much interesting on the modeling field, I still recommend the tutorial based on the tips about lighting with Cycles and the overall setup of the scene for architectural visualization. And to get the best from this tutorial, you really should try to use the same principles on another project, which would take you another couple of hours. See, now you have something fun to do on the weekend!

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  • Malcolm

    That’s a nice find. I enjoyed watching it and learnt a few tricks for just getting started on a scene like this. Haven’t had time to do the homework assignment yet — creating something of my own — but I suspect I’ll get to something shortly before the information leaks away.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

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