Cycles denoiser for Viewport render (2.83)

A project that has Blender Cycles as their main render engine will most likely use a feature called Denoiser to reduce the number of samples required to get a clean image. The tool is an incredible feature for Cycles and has a limitation today of only working at the render output window.

If you trigger a render at the Viewport, you won’t see results with the Denoiser. A recent commit to Blender might change that in the future for those of you rendering with an NVIDIA RTX card. To use such feature you need an RTX card and also OptiX enabled.

The feature uses AI to greatly reduces noise in renders, which will be available in a future release of Blender! It will probably be part of version 2.83.

For artists using Blender Cycles to create architectural visualization, it might represent a huge boost in productivity, because you will need less time to get a clean render. The downside is that it will require from you an RTX graphics card to enjoy the feature.

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