Architectural visualization at the 2012 Blender Conference

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

This year I almost find the time and ill to attend to the 2012 Blender Conference, until I realize that if I made to Amsterdam, I would get really behind schedule on some projects. So, I will try again next year. But, if you couldn`t make to the conference like me, there are always the nice recordings of the presentations posted at the Blender Foundation Youtube Channel.

It would be great to have a slight better quality on some videos, because at some points all we can see is a blurry image. But, we have to be thankful to the person responsible to record all presentations anyway!

And for those of you interested on architectural visualization I can recommend to you this great presentation by Matthieu Dupont about Blender for architecture.

There are other presentations as well, but this goes straight to the architectural visualization field. I`m still watching the rest of the presentations, and if I find another one that could be interesting for architectural visualization artists using Blender I will post them here.

And maybe at the 2013 conference, I could record some of the presentations myself. I`m already planning my trip to Amsterdam.

Architectural glass shader


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