18 free trees for the Unreal Engine

The architectural visualization market is evolving alongside with technology, and a lot of projects will demand you to deliver more than static images of a project. Some artists found on game engines an incredible way to show interactive 3d scenes of architectural projects, and embrace tools like Unreal.

If you are among those artists using the Unreal Engine to create an interactive visualization, I might have an interesting asset for you. A collection of 18 high-quality trees for Unreal, all of them with textures and collisions.

The material is available at Gumroad, and the author of the collection is avik244. You can choose to give a donation to the artist or download all files for free. Just place the amount you want to donate, and zero for a free download.

For projects that require an exterior view and some vegetation, that might become incredibly useful. You just have to add the objects to your library and drag them to the scene.

And, if you have an interest in learning to use the Unreal Engine for architecture, you can always check our training about the use of Unreal with Blender. The course is getting a complete facelift soon, based on student feedback.

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  • Sara Due

    Realy great bundle of precise quality trees. Easy to handle and fast in the viewport. Love to use it inside of vrayforc! Thanks for the great scenes inside the package, too. I am very happy to use it. Simply Wonderful High quality Stuff. Very usefull practical. A 100% recomendable texture for your works.

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