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An article posted here last week on Blender 3D Architect mentioned some possible new modeling tools for Blender, which are available as part of the Google Summer of Code in the Sushi branch. That article was about the tools developed by Luke Frisken that might help with precision modeling in Blender. Besides those new snapping tools we can find some other possible improvements for Blender modeling tools at the Sushi Branch. For instance, another project developed by a student called Alexander Mokhov was meat to improve the Bevel, Bridge and Boolean tools.

From all those three tools, I`m most exited about the new Bevel! Why? Simple, because we finally may be able to work with a bevel capable of creating rounded shapes!

Do you want to take a look? Check this quick video overview!

How to use this bevel? Just to go and download a custom build of the Sushi branch. Be aware that this bevel tool is not finished yet. So, you should be really careful about working on test builds, or even opening important files without a secure backup.

And the good news about this bevel tool, is that it might be released with Blender 2.65. This new tools will be great for furniture modeling!

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  • Yaroslav Lebidko

    Hi Brito.
    Do U know, how to cut some face or edge, but old 2.62 “knife like” cut, where we could choose between exact, midpoint or multicut type?
    Thank U.

  • D. Waschow

    Heck, all I want to know is got he got his 3D cursor to spin like that! That’s just plain cool!

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