Demo of the new PathGPU2 from SmallLuxGPU

I know that everybody is excited about the new Blender Cycles, but we can`t forget about the other options for use GPU based render with Blender. If you don`t remember, we still have SmallLuxGPU that enable us to create some amazing renderings using GPU power, and it has a new PathGPU2 render method that is quite impressive.

In the video below we can see a demo of this new PathGPU2 and the use of SmallLuxGPU live mode to render a statue. How to use SmallLuxGPU with Blender 2.5? Well, the easiest way to do that is by downloading a build from with SmallLuxGPU already integrated.

So, here is the video:

SmallLuxGPU 1.8beta1 live mode from homer_simpson on Vimeo.

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  • Alain

    Did you test it with a interiorscene (inclusive some windowsglass) yet ?

    Kind regards

  • rudl

    The big difference between pathgpu and Pathgpu2 is imho sunlight/skylight.
    Now it’s possible to make GREAT architectural renderings with a great speed.
    The linux version runs imho way better than the win version, because the system is still responsive when rendering.

    I tested also the demo version of octan. So a quick look at SLG vs Octane tested on a GTX460

    +slg is unbelievable fast with pathtracing (pathgpu2) it’s actually faster though using opencl which is considered as slower.
    +OpenCL also runs on AMD/ATI hardware and on the CPU
    – slg is slower when using direct light, and also has no AO i think.
    – slg has less features than octane.
    – the octane gui is simply awesome.
    (+octane doesn’t seem to have a metal material, not sure about that.)
    +octane with pathtracing makes the system a bit unresponsive.
    +SLG is open source 🙂 octane costs 99€
    -The navigation in the render view is faster in octane.

  • kike sanz

    nvidia or ati ? which is better for luxrender @ same price

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