New demo of Blender Cycles

In the past few days almost everybody that I know in the Blender community tried to get a preview of the new Blender Cycles render. Since this is a really new render system, a lot of experienced users are still learning how to use Cycles and get good results with their scenes. If you are among those people, the video below can give you some great hints about Cycles. In the video below you will find some good demos of how to use lights, materials and advanced effects made with the new Cycles engine. The video was created by an artist called Jikz.

Fun with Cycles from Jikz on Vimeo.

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  • AlphaDDC

    Hey Allan,

    That Blender Cycles code is brilliant – Do you know if they have a Windows version for a 32 bit? I have looked every where and can’t seem to find it.

  • @AlphaDDC

    Hi Alpha,

    Go to and search for cycles builds then filter by Windows 32 bit and you’ll find about 3 bulids currently. 🙂

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