Another attempt for an Inset tool in Blender

You may be wondering right now if I`m not making a double post here, because a few days ago I was commenting about the development of an Inset Add-on for Blender. Well, this one is actually a different attempt to implement an Inset like tool in Blender, and this time the author of the Add-on called JoS manage to create something more interactive. The amount of Inset can be controlled with the mouse cursor, just like in the video below:

To download this new Inset Add-on, which is also in development, visit this thread at the Blenderartists forums.

A lot of people have been asking me about how useful an inset tool would be. Well, just to point out a simple example of how useful an Inset tool will become for Blender users, we can take a look on the cube below, and those two selected faces.

With the traditional approach to create an inset like edition, we would extrude the faces and then use the scale tool. The result will be something like this:

If we had an Inset tool, the result of the same type of edition would be something like this:

Notice that we have a clean result with coplanar faces and no triangles.

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  • Ruud Verdonck

    Good to see that some people are making addons for what are imo missing modelling functions.

    This will be especially handy for architectural modeling.

  • Brian L.

    Thanks for the news! Checking the script out now.

  • Karl.S

    Is it possible that Blender Foundation would add an inset functionnality or include by default an inset addon ? I think those tools are really basics and need to be merged into the soft, not be apart as an addon.. its like loop tools !

  • Alain

    This Addon “Inset Extrude” is mutch more usefull for Arch.-Viz. than the currently implemented “Inset Polygon” – Addon in Version 2.58.

    I recommend everyone to install it.

    Kind regards

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