Hotel room with Cycles and IES lights

In the past couple of days, we shared some great news about Blender 2.8 and Cycles. The upcoming release of Blender will feature native support for IES lights in Cycles. That means you can use real data to simulate artificial lights in your architectural visualization projects.

But, how do IES profiles affect the render in Cycles?

Most of the artwork and visualization projects we see using Cycles will try to simulate a daylight scenario. For that reason, you won’t see much examples of projects and artists putting in practice the use of IES lights.

However, from time to time we find some great examples of visualization using a night view of a project.

Like this Hotel Room visualization from artist Kmurphy89 and shared at the BlenderArtists forums.

The use of such setup for a hotel room is significant because those types of projects will invest in a particular set of light design to create a mood for their guests. Using IES lights to render the scene will give the artist an exceptional level of realism, to reproduce the effect.

Unfortunately, no further information about render times or hardware used to process the scene is available. But, that is an excellent example of how IES lights look like with an interior view of a project in Blender Cycles.

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