Indigo Renderer 3.0 preview

One of the renderers that I miss to use with Blender these days is Indigo Renderer, mostly because I remember the days where I used it a lot on Blender 2.4x to render incredible images. Today we still don`t have a stable release of the exporter script to render our projects from Blender 2.5 to Indigo. I do have an Indigo license that I use to render projects created with SketchUp mostly.

Well, it seems like Indigo will take a major upgrade and hit version 3 in the next weeks, and the developers just released a sneak peek of the new features in the video below.

Blender 3D Architect Pro


  • Brian L.

    Wow, would you look at those results! I think Indigo 3.0 is going be outstanding with these GPU-accelerated features! And they plan on some more, too? I’ll definitely keep my eye out for Indigo 3.0’s release! Thanks for this bit of news, Allan!

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