Black & White bedroom in Cycles

Every time you start a new visualization project in Blender to render in Cycles, you will have to find the optimal samples count to render. The samples count will determine the level of noise in the images. High values will result in noiseless images.

In architectural visualization, that number will usually stay between 1500 and 2500, depending on a lot of factors.

Do you think 500 samples is enough for an interior visualization project in Cycles? In a recent project from a polish artist called Scoped we can look into an interior render in Cycles, using “only” 500 samples.

With no particular technique to remove or reduce noise, you would end up with an image that wouldn't be “usable.” That shows the potential of denoising for interior visualization. You just have to find the best balance between removing noise from renders, and keeping details in the image.

If you set the denoising with higher values, you might get a picture with no “hard edges” and that blurry aspect.

Another interesting information about the project is the design evolution. The artist made a series of images on his ArtStation page, showing the progress and development of the project. From a test render in an empty room to the final solution.

We recently sent to our premium subscribers a downloadable guide about the interior design process, and that matches exactly the guidelines we point in the document.

An architectural visualization artist sometimes must perform tasks related to interior design. Making decisions and choosing furniture, colors, and materials for the project. In that scenario, having some background about interior design techniques is a great help.

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