Blender Cycles for interior architectural visualization

You may already know that Blender is a great tool to create architectural visualization, and the projects and visualization examples featured here at Blender 3D Architect are a clear proof of that. But, It is always nice to be able to watch a detailed demo of how Blender could be used to create interior visualization, which is by far one of the most challenging types of architectural visualization. The guys from eMirage posted an impressive demo showing Blender Cycles in action, dealing with an interior scene.

The quality and speed of the render is amazing, and keeps me wondering which GPUs were used to render this scene.

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  • Gil

    Hi Allan,

    Hamza wrote in YouTube that he used :

    CPU: intel core i7 2600 3.5GHz – RAM: 16Gb
    GPUs: Geforce GTX285 as a display device 2x Geforce GTX580 as CUDA compute devices.He didn’t say how long it took to render each scene.

    I wonder if you have any other preferences(hardware specs) for fast architectural rendering with cycles?

    Thanks for this great website.

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