20 interiors for a commercial portfolio with Cycles

An architectural visualization project in Blender usually results in a couple of renders from interiors and external views. Sometimes you might get a big project that will require more a few additional renders. Typically, artists will produce on average about five renders for a project.

That was not the case with one of the latest projects from visualization artist julioras, which posted at the BlenderArtists forums an extensive collection of 20 renders for a single project.

Visit the forum thread or the artists Behance to see all other images.

The project is a collaboration with Alexandre Chien of Studio Axis for a flooring catalog for a Brazilian company called Incepa.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many details about settings or information on the project. But, you can take a look at some previous projects with the artist, like this one, where he shares some of his settings for Cycles.

At the time, we didn’t have filmic for Blender, and today he is probably using the new color profile for his renders.

Another artist with an excellent record for producing several renders for the same project is Paulina Kochanowicz, which gave us a lot of details about her workflow with Cycles in this interview.

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