Animation for architecture: Using soft bodies and cell fracture

From all tools available in Blender for animation, I believe that soft bodies and the ability to break polygons are not among the first choices of an artist to create anything for architecture. But, with some imagination and talent even those tools could be used to create interesting effects in architectural animation. That was exactly the objective of an experiment made by an artist called Matthieu Dupont de Dinechin, which resulted on this really nice animation.

And the experiment does not stop with the animation itself! The artist was kind enough to produce a full making of explaining the process and tools used to create the animation.

Wait! Don’t go away just yet! If you still want to get your hands on the “.blend” file, Matthieu posted the file on his blog with a creative commons license! And, that is it!

For those of you that doesn`t remember, Matthieu Dupont de Dinechin was at the Blender Conference 2012 talking about Blender as a tool for architectural visualization.

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