Architectural animation with Blender and E-Cycles

The creation of still images for architectural interiors evolved a lot across the years, and we moved from projects requiring long hours to render to a couple of minutes or seconds with average to suitable hardware. In the end, you should always try to work with optimized hardware and software for your projects to get the best possible results.

Nowadays, it is hard to find another option that works better than E-Cycles regarding render speeds in Blender. It can crush render times when comparing to the “regular” Cycles. That enables us to create projects like animations with much less stress on the hardware.

Here is a beautiful example of a marketing material created with Blender and E-Cycles from artist Ryan Plunkett at Premier Lift Group. He used the RTX version of E-Cycles.

As you can see from the video, it used a lot of high-detailed views from interiors to show solutions related to commercial and residential lifts. An architectural animation like the one produced by Ryan Plunkett would be much harder to make with regular Cycles.

Do you want to know more about E-Cycles? Here is a list of previous news and projects we posted about the renderer. And here is a quick start guide on E-Cycles.

Source: E-Cycles

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