BlenderBIM updates and new features: Version v0.0.201207

A significant amount of people think about Blender as a 3D modeler and platform to render realistic images to visualize your designs. It can help a lot in this regard, but that is only part of the role it can assume in architecture. With the help of Add-pons like BlenderBIM, you can expand Blender and include authoring and document BIM data. That opens a world of possibilities for Blender to have a full open-source workflow.

When using the BlenderBIM Add-on, you can create IFC files in compliance with ISO standards. A new version released recently has about 50 new features and fixes!

Opening Design Aalseth Residence teamCC BY-SA 4.0

Here is a list of the new features and bug fixes from version v0.0.201207:

  • Add support for IFC2X3 material data imports
  • Vendor workaround for “treat styled item as material” now deprecated, as new material and style system is much better
  • Add support for importing IFC material description and category attributes
  • Native element roundtripping now supports layer assignments
  • Native representation roundtripping now auto-fixes representations that aren’t using contexts properly
  • Improved packaging and refactoring for BIMTester makes it easier for other devs, including FreeCAD integration
  • Native geometry roundtripping now decouples surface styles
  • Native geometry roundtripping now lets you change styles independently from geometry
  • New experimental utility to upgrade IFC2X3 to IFC4 and downgrade IFC4 to IFC2X3 automatically
  • Native geometry roundtripping now works across different IFC versions, so you can roundtrip and change the schema at the same time
  • Exporting classifications to different IFC schemas (including graceful downgrading) is now supported
  • Support graceful downgrading of material definitions from IFC4 to IFC2X3
  • Support built-in vendor workaround for importing invalid IFC properties coming from ArchiCAD
  • Roundtripping geometry now works for geometry, which has one too many relationships between geometry and styles
  • Handle and gracefully accept invalid IfcGrid elements coming from Revit. Sigh.
  • New experimental support for Non-IFC, Blender object clash detection
  • IfcOpeningElements now only show as wireframes by default for convenience
  • Roundtripping now enables openings by default, which works much better with the latest Blender boolean modifier
  • The object property sets panel now also shows inherited psets from the construction type
  • Improved UI for psets and qtos with collapsible panels and improved readability
  • New UI that shows inherited materials from the construction type if available
  • Add support for exporting material sets for construction types
  • All representation contexts are now round-tripped in native roundtrip mode, not just the body context.
  • New powerful and intuitive smart clash grouping feature
  • The Optimise IFC patch recipe is now packaged with the BlenderBIM Add-on
  • The ExtractElements IFC patch recipe is now packaged with the BlenderBIM Add-on, letting you extract a subset of elements from a larger IFC file
  • Dumb grids are now auto placed in an IfcSite if it can detect one
  • Drawings now have classes for material layer set names
  • Improved usage descriptions for IFCCSV to help new users
  • You can now smart tag material attributes in drawings
  • New utility function to check is_a() in the schema without needing a file first
  • Auto-add the currently loaded IFC when creating a drawing for the first time
  • You can now apply drawing styles to elements with material set usages
  • New vendor workaround for exporting to the DESITE BIM application
  • The Migrate IFC patch recipe is now packaged with the BlenderBIM Add-on, letting you upgrade or downgrade IFC versions
  • IFCs with invalid attributes are now gracefully exported with warnings when exporting to a schema which doesn’t allow it to let the user fix it easily
  • You can now bake parametric geometry into meshes

And the bug fixes:

  • Fix bug where no color is set if only a styled item has a style, but the material has no representation
  • Fix default category to none, not load-bearing, in case we import IFC2X3 where this property doesn’t exist
  • Fix bug where the material wouldn’t get assigned for multiple mapped representations
  • Fix warnings in copy attribute to the selection tool
  • Fix import bug where some IfcOpeningElements aren’t placed in the correct openings collection
  • Fix regression where the section cutting plane doesn’t work unless you’ve selected an object
  • Fix bug where a drawing can’t be created with a file that uses material set usages
  • Fix issue where invalidly declared representation contexts from other vendors can confuse drawing creation
  • Fix bug where sometimes the IFC class and product dropdowns get out of sync
  • Fix import bug where duplicate material names with accents fail to import
  • Fix bug where some aggregates can cause drawing generation to fail
  • Fixed example script in the IfcOpenShell Qt GUI viewer
  • Fix bug where spatial elements didn’t get styles exported correctly
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