Using YafaRay with Blender 2.5

Because of my latest posts here on the blog, showing some projects made with Blender and rendered with YafaRay, I`m getting a lot of messages in both twitter and from the contact form, asking me about how to install YafaRay in Blender 2.5. If you don`t like to get involved with lots of files and installation methods, I still think that the easiest way to use Blender 2.5 with YafaRay is to get a build from with the YafaRay exporter already incorporated to Blender.

It is not bug free, but will get you to use YafaRay in Blender 2.5 really fast. For old YafaRay users, you can take a look on some of the YafaRay render settings in the image below.


It is still too early to use YafaRay on Blender 2.5 for production, but its fine for testing purposes. To know more about the development of the exporter, visit this thread at the YafaRay user forums.

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  • Yaroslav_L

    Hi Allan and thank you for this web-page.
    Yes, YaR – one of the best free render engine for Blender yet.
    But looks like coders forget about falloff (or gradient or blend) texture for simulating such effect like … like velvet for example. We can use such textures in vray+blender for leather and some metals reflection control. If you find some info about it (for YaR of cource), please – write about it!
    Have a nice day!

  • Felix Matveev


    Did you test is there any support for textures in this version? Last time I’ve used Yafaray addon for 2.54. there was a blue blinn shader instead of textures.


  • Степан

    Вы не подскажите существуют ли нормальные уроки по новому yaf-a-ray?
    Пока что работать с ним ужасно непривычно и не комфортно.

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