First builds of the new Blender Cycles available to download

If you keep track of the last Blender news, you probably know that in the future Blender will get huge update on his rendering system. This is one of the projects lead by Brecht, one of the main developers from Blender, which is back to the Blender institute. The full history about this new Render system codenamed Cycles can be found at the development blog of Blender. The good news is that some experimental builds of the Cycles system are already available at! At this exact moment, only builds for Linux are available, but it is a matter of time until we get builds for more systems.

Until there, take a look on the new render system in action:

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  • Ruud

    I just tried that, it still has a long way to go, but its a leap forward in the right direction,.

    Keep up the good work with this blog, i check it everyday.

  • gab

    how can i get cycle in blender?? i download it but what am i supose to do after ?

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