VR for architecture using the Web

The use of VR for architectural visualization is a growing trend, and in the future, it might even become mandatory. What could be better than still images to show architectural projects? Lots of companies are looking for VR as the most immersive and sales driving experience for architecture.

Getting a VR headset was never easier, with options ranging from papercraft solutions like Google Cardboard to premium devices like Oculus and Vive. But, creating content for VR is somehow a complex and requires lots of software and tools. You might even have to learn a scripting language to create interactive VR.

Wouldn't it be great to have a solution that was cross-platform and compatible with all VR headsets? Let me introduce you to WebVR.

It is a technology that uses standard web languages to create VR straight to the browser. You can even embed that into your website like a Youtube video.

Since I had some great experiences working with VR architecture on the Web, I decided that it should become the title of our next course. And it is finally ready!

In the course about VR architecture with WebVR, I will teach you to convert architectural visualization to VR. It can be either a render or photo! From any 3d software. Using only open-source technologies that will run on most VR headsets.

If you are curious about compatibility, check this table that lists each VR device and compatible browsers and systems. You will notice that the biggest problem is trying to use WebVR on iOS. There is no support for fullscreen navigation on any browser.

Here is an example of what you will learn to do:

You don't need a VR headset to create such VR experiences because I will show you how to use Python to create a test environment and view your projects straight in the browser.

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  • andywar65

    Do you know A-Frame? It’s a javascript library that enables VR with simple HTML. I’m using it for a basic BIM project.

  • Allan Brito

    Hi Andy,

    Of course I know A-Frame! Our WebVR course is all based on A-Frame 🙂

  • andywar65

    Nice! I’ll check it out. Congratulations for your website / work.

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