Blender and V-Ray: AUS Interior

Ever since Cycles debuted as one of the options to render scenes in Blender, a lot of people abandoned external renderers. But, besides Cycles, we have several other renderers that can help an architectural visualization artist. Among architects its quite common to find questions about the compatibility of Blender and V-Ray. Mostly because a lot of people uses V-Ray to render architecture in 3dsmax. What about Blender? Is it possible to use V-Ray and Blender? Sure! There is even an official Add-on supported by Chaos Group for Blender and V-Ray.

What about artwork? Seems like very few people use Blender and V-Ray since we can't find much about projects related to architecture with them.

If you want to take a look at an impressive project for architecture called AUS Interior, which was rendered using V-Ray and modeled with Blender, just visit this link that take you to the Chaos Group user forums (You must register to get access). The artist behind AUS Interior is leandro_cs, and he did everything using Blender 2.73 and V-Ray 3. At the forum post, you will find a total of seven impressive images. One of them illustrates this article.

Blender and V-Ray

Is that it? Just a beautiful piece of artwork? No! There is more. Besides all images, you will also find lots of settings related to the render setup and some materials. All information shared by the artist could be helpful for anyone interested in migrating to Blender from other 3d tools and keep using V-Ray. If you are just curious about Blender and V-Ray, it's also worth the visit.

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