Free Architectural interior scene for the Unreal Engine

If you are working with architectural visualization and have plans to make an interactive 3D presentation, you probably heard about the astonishing capabilities from the Unreal Engine. The platform that has a reputation to power some of the best games can also make some impressive presentations for architecture.
A great way to start with any visual tool such as the Unreal Engine is by analyzing an existing project. To help artists in the architectural visualization business understand how to structure a project, a new resource appeared in the “Learn” tab from the Epic games launcher.
To start the Unreal Engine Editor, you must use the launcher and it now offers the download of a full architectural scene from digital artist Pasquale Scionti.
You can download all the files from this project by going to the “Learn” tab and scroll down until you see “ArchViz Interior”.
Why should you use the Unreal Engine for architectural visualization?
With the engine you have a powerful way to make interactive 3D using innovative graphics and don't have any obligations regarding royalties from the engine. It is free for design visualization purposes.
Since the engine has limitations on 3D modeling creation, it is a perfect companion to Blender. They are even one of the major supporters from the Blender Foundation.
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